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    Questionable Doctors
    Many health care professionals have been charged by their respective regulatory boards with unprofessional conduct over the last year. Some may have been charge criminally by the courts, or have had lawsuits filed against them by patients or insurance companies. These are medical doctors, osteopaths, dentists, or chiropractors, etc. will focus on those health professionals who have the most interesting cases, and who have been prominently featured in the media.
    FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

    Stuart Michael Suster, MD
    - Great Lakes Pain Center - Milwaukee, WI


  • Google for Stuart Suster - pay attention to the idiots like Tim Bolen and Talk International coverage.
  • Google news for Stuart Suster

  • Stuart Suster, M.D. has been charged with 19 criminal counts of "simulating legal process" in connection with disciplinary proceedings

  • Suster loses his license to practice - August 2004, the Wisconsin Medical Board revoked the medical license of Stuart Suster, MD,, a board-certified physiatrist

  • State Medical Board free to revoke Suster's license The Division of Enforcement recommends that Dr. Suster's license be revoked. Dr. Suster recommends that no discipline be imposed and that this matter be dismissed. Based upon the evidence presented, the Administrative Law Judge recommends that Dr. Susterís license to practice medicine and surgery be revoked. This measure is designed primarily to assure protection of the public and to deter other licensees from engaging in similar misconduct. He was originally charged with the following violations:
  • Improperly prescribing controlled drugs.
  • Improperly touching 16 women, including seven whose breasts he grabbed or fondled when they were in his office and two he kissed while they were receiving "electrostimulation treatment" in a reclining chair.
  • Threatening to injure four patients.
  • Improperly fondling the scrotum of a male patient who had complained of constipation.
  • Using an improper procedure code to bill ten insurance companies for approximately $1 million more than they might pay for properly coded claims for treatment with a Dynatron machine.
  • Excessive billing in six cases, in some of which he charged both the patient and the patient's insurance company for the same services.
  • Billing third-party payers for a total of more than 24 hours of physician-patient contact time on four dates.
  • Substandard practice, including inadequate record-keeping, in treating three patients.
  • Failing to comply with an order given in 2001 by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board that he undergo to a five-day residential evaluation. The order was issued after several patients complained that he had spoken to them in an angry and loud manner, using language inappropriate for a physician. According to the charges, he underwent the evaluation but refused to release the required report to the Board
  • Dr. Suster's Great Lakes Pain Center - His home page is still operational despite dozens of charges against him.

  • Threats Bring Police to Trial of Wauwatosa Pain Doctor (MADISON, WI -- December 4, 2003) - WITI-TV News
    Dr. Stuart Suster will be escorted out of his disciplinary hearing if he continues to engage in disruptive behavior, according to the judge presiding over the case. Administrative Law Judge Ruby Jefferson-Moore explained new "rules of conduct" Thursday morning -- the fourth day of a trial which will determine whether Suster will keep his medical license.

    Suster faces eleven counts of unprofessional conduct involving dozens of former patients at Great Lakes Pain Center, the doctor's Wauwatosa pain clinic. The allegations include sexual misconduct, fraud and threatening to injure patients. The State Department of Regulation and Licensing filed the complaint against Suster following a year-long undercover investigation by FOX 6 News.

    During the first three days of hearings, Suster frequently disrupted testimony with angry outbursts. He yelled at witnesses and threatened both the judge and the state's prosecuting attorney, using derogatory names and profanity-laced tirades. The doctor's behavior includes:

    Monday - Suster told the judge she was "completely out of order," he accused one of the witnesses of testifying while under the influence of alcohol, and he started clapping loudly during the proceedings.

    Tuesday - Suster told the prosecuting attorney he would be "terminated" after the hearing, and he also told the prosecutor to "Go to hell!" He instructed a witness to answer his questions or "I'm going to bring down holy hell."

    Wednesday - Suster told the judge "You aint gonna survive," he called the prosecutor a "yo-yo," and he repeatedly cursed at those in the hearing room and declared all of the state's witnesses are liars who are conspiring against him.

    Each day the Department of Regulation and Licensing called State Capitol Police to restore order to the hearing. Officers did not arrest Suster, but they did present a videotape of the proceedings to prosecutors at the Dane County District Attorney's office for review. Unlike a circuit court judge, the administrative law judge does not have authority to declare a person in contempt of court.

    The first four days of testimony focused on allegations that Suster inappropriately touched some of his patients and that he allegedly committed fraud by overbilling insurance companies for services he did not perform. Several female patients testified Suster kissed them during their appointments or touched their breasts for non-medical purposes. One of the doctor's medical assistants later testified that, in some cases, it was patients who initiated the affectionate behavior -- not the doctor.

    Insurance company investigators testified that Suster used improper billing codes to cheat them out of thousands of dollars. They also told the judge Suster submitted insurance forms that claim he spent more than 24 hours a day in face-to-face contact with patients. The insurance companies say that is impossible and shows his intent to commit fraud.

    The state hopes to call all of its witnesses during the first two weeks of the disciplinary hearing. Suster will then have an opportunity to call his own witnesses. The doctor is serving as his own attorney after several law firms asked to step down from the case. That means Suster is personally cross-examining former patients who have accused him of wrongdoing. During the first week of testimony, some of the patients refused to look at Suster as he was asking them questions. Other former patients shook nervously during their cross-examination and broke into tears.

    "Are you still upset with me?" Suster asked one patient."I actually am kind of disgusted by you," she responded. "You disgust me."

    FOX 6 will continue to provide exclusive coverage of the doctor's disciplinary hearing. Based on each day's scheduling and testimony, you can see reports on FOX 6 News at 5:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 10:00. You can also find weekly updates at this website.

    Scheduled hearing dates...
    December 1 - 5, 2003
    December 15 - 19, 2003
    January 12 - 16, 2004
    January 20 - 23, 2004 

  • WITI - Milwaukee - investigates SusterAn 18-month investigation by WITI-TV captured hidden-camera documentation of Dr. Stuart Suster committing blatant emotional and psychological abuse to his patients. As the investigation continued, more and more evidence pointed to shady business practices and questionable medical techniques practiced by Dr. Suster. After the show aired, the state of Wisconsin charged Dr. Suster with 11 counts of inappropriate conduct towards patients, and he remained the focus of local, state and federal investigations prompted by the WITI investigation.
  • Undercover investigation by Channel 6 - watch the video

  • Charges against Suster posted by Channel 6 - Adobe .pdf format

  • Disciplinary proceedings against Suster - .html format courtesy of Dr. Stephen Barrett of

  • Interim Order from Medical Examining Board - November 14, 2001. Dr. Suster shall submit to a 5 day comprehensive residential evaluation at Rogers Memorial Hospital under the supervision of Professional Recovery Network, or such other facility and evaluator as may be acceptable to the Board. Respondent shall release all records and reports to the Board and its agents, and permit the Board and its agents to discuss the matter with the evaluators and staff of PRN and the hospital.

  • Dr. Suster sues patients and the world

  • Stuart M Suster's listed on web site

    Advocates for Stuart M Suster

    Tim Bolen

    I don't understand how Bolen, facing a massive libel and defamation lawsuit in California can defend anyone.
    • Tim Bolen's March 2004 post was found on Trueman Tuck's web site. This section of Tuck's TaxTyranny web site is supposed to be dedicated to Terry Polevoy. But several times, he has posted things that have absolutely nothing to do with Polevoy on this site. Isn't it amazing that Tuck has the brain-power to manage a dozen or so web sites, and yet he continues to place his own reputation, what little that there is left going for it, on the banner of such an absolutely wacko individual! But, perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Tuck sat on a panel with James Lunney, a Member of Parliament, just the week before where he defended the right of any Canadian to carry on a business without effective government control of the nutraceutical industry.

      Tuck also helped organize several meetings where Lunney was invited to speak in Toronto, including one held in November 2003 at the OISE building in Toronto. Tuck has tried to raise thousands of dollars to put Dr. Terry Polevoy out of business, including a lawsuit behalf of BIE Health Products in 2005.

      His appearance in November 2003, with Helke Ferrie, and Trueman Tuck garnered the support of the web site. A quick Google search for James Lunney will uncover a large number of rather questionable products that he supports, and a very objectionable appearance on the Michael Coren Show where Lunney told the mother of a dead girl that she contributed to her own death at the hands of a chiropractor. Also on that same panel was Carolyn Dean a doctor who can no longer practice medicine in Ontario, Zoltan Rona, an Ontario medical doctor who uses live cell microscopy, and Helke Ferrie, a person who has viciously and maliciously defamed Dr. Terry Polevoy and others who criticize quack practitioners and products.

    • Read all about it on Google Groups

    Milwaukee Doctor Assaulted, Threatened Patients, State Complaint Says

    Marilyn Marchione

    Milwaukee Sentinal Journal

    Mar. 29, 2003 --Allegations of sexual misconduct, threatening patients, negligent treatment and fraud have been leveled against a Wauwatosa pain specialist in an 11-count complaint made public Friday.

    The allegations involve at least 30 patients of Stuart M. Suster, 43, who runs Great Lakes Pain Center at 10125 W. North Ave. The fraud allegations involve insurance bills totaling more than $2.3 million.

    The charges were made by the Medical Examining Board, which licenses doctors in Wisconsin. Suster has had a license since 1991 and lives in Milwaukee. He filed a series of court actions that delayed release of the complaint, which was issued in October, until now.

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel filed an open records request to get it, as did WITI-TV (Channel 6), which did an undercover investigation of Suster last year.

    "We categorically deny these charges, and Dr. Suster is looking forward to the appropriate venue to prove his innocence," said Fred Ballerini of Zigman Joseph Stephenson, a public relations firm Suster hired.

    A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 16. It had been scheduled for April 30 but was delayed to give Suster's new lawyer, Steve Harris of Chicago, time to prepare. Meanwhile, Suster continues to have a valid and unrestricted license to practice medicine in Wisconsin.

    The complaint says Suster:

    --Improperly touched 16 women, including seven whose breasts he grabbed or fondled when they were in his office and two he kissed while they were receiving electrostimulation treatment in a reclining chair.

    He told two women whose breasts he fondled that it was part of their treatment. He asked one patient whether she had an active sex life, told her she was with the "wrong man" and kissed her, rubbed her legs and fondled her breasts, according to the complaint.

    --Fondled the scrotum of a male patient who had complained of constipation.

    Suster allegedly told the man he needed to do a rectal exam to check for blockage, then without warning grabbed the man's scrotum. The patient objected, but Suster told him he had to check for a blockage there, too.

    There was no medical purpose for such an exam and the patient didn't consent to it, the complaint says.

    This and the instances of inappropriately touching female patients constitute "fourth-degree sexual assault and is unprofessional conduct," the complaint says.

    --Used an improper insurance code to bill $440 or more per office visit for electrostimulation therapy. The correct code for the service establishes the charge at $250, the complaint says.

    United Health Group was billed about $697,000 and Humana $630,000 for such services, among other insurers.

    --Charged patients and their insurers for the same services in some cases. Took in and gave out controlled substances in his office without proper records and, in at least one case, without proper labels or dose instructions. Used his status as a doctor to deprive a patient of his liberty and have him detained at a mental institution as retaliation for leaving Suster's care.

    According to the complaint, Suster called sheriff's deputies insisting that a patient be detained and evaluated for suicidal tendencies "based upon an off-hand comment" the patient made over the phone. A deputy investigated, found no cause to detain the patient and left.

    The complaint does not specify the department Suster is accused of contacting.

    After learning the patient hadn't been detained, Suster called the chief deputy of the sheriff's department, berated him and insisted that the patient be held, saying that he was a doctor and his medical judgment should prevail.

    The patient was taken to and held overnight at Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison, which released him after finding no cause to keep him, the complaint says.

    --Threatened to have three patients "committed" if they didn't follow his treatment recommendations; to castrate another patient's husband; and to go get his gun if yet another patient and her husband didn't leave his office immediately.

    Suster told one patient's husband "you're a dead man" and "I'm going to take everything you've got" after arguing over a bill, the complaint says.

    --Gave negligent treatment to a patient who got injections to the cervical vertebrae, a procedure the complaint says "should be used only by experts with years of experience in doing such injections" in other areas of the spine because even a small error could result in paralysis or death, the complaint says.

    --Complied with a Medical Examining Board order to attend a five-day residential evaluation in December 2001 but refused to provide the board a copy of the evaluation as required by the order.

    --Told another patient who declined treatments he was prescribing for chronic pelvic pain that "she would think of him when her husband is sick and tired of her and divorces her because she can't have sex anymore."


    To see more of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to

    (c) 2003, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News.
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