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Total Health Expo 2001
A platform for hate?

NOW Magazine - Odd allies

  • Odd allies - Natural health outfit feeds disciples conspiracy placebo By ENZO DI MATTEO
    Alternative medicine has taken decades to gain legitimacy. Many treatments seen as far out just a few short years ago are accepted today by the medical mainstream . But you wouldn't know that from the stir caused by the Consumer Health Organization of Canada (CHOC). The group that calls itself this country's leading promoter of natural health keeps some pretty strange company.

Victory for all Canadians

  • Statement by Libby Gardon - Feb. 23, 2001

    We would like to apologize for any distress that the proposed appearance of Mr. Mullins has caused any member of the public as well as our speakers and the sponsors of the Total Health show. We are sorry for any early comments made by a member of this organization which were made in ignorance of the true situation. We would like to stress that we removed Mr. Mullins because of the defamatory information we obtained, NOT because we received pressure by the press.

  • Canada trade show bans anti-Semitic author -

    Speaking from Virginia earlier this week, Mullins denied he is anti-Jewish and said attempts to stop him from speaking are directed by an Israeli terrorist conspiracy aided by 200 agencies, including the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Libby Gardon loves her role as the high priestess of Canada's Consumer Health Organization. In that position she has led tens of thousands of like minded converts to pray for more of the same.

This year, the Total Health Expo fills the blessed caverns of our Toronto Convention Centre with dozens of rather dubious presenters. The minions will take their seats to hear the likes of Messianic Dentist Len Horowitz, and Michael Culbert of Medical Armageddon and IBC fame.

But, take a good deep breath, focus your heart on your inner voice, and register for the lecture by one of the world's most gifted public personas of hate. Libby calls him a "gentle soul".

CBC Radio One's morning news featured an interview with Bernie Farber, of the Canadian Jewish Congress, and Libby Gardon the queen of the Consumer Health Organization in Toronto.

If you remember last year's installment, when I was surrounded by their goons, and Len Horowitz asked me if I needed to be prayed to because of my wicked ways and thoughts. It was the height of my illustrious career to be singled out by them for whatever reason they felt it was necessary.

  • Here's a quote from Nate Hendley's article in Eye Magazine.: Libby Gardon is president of the Consumer Health Organization of Canada, which put on the Total Health expo. "I admire Dr. Clark's work very much," she says. "She is not a woman into money. She is into research, so people can be responsible for their own health. I'd have her back in a minute. She says she'll come back, too, as long as she's not in jail." Of course she's referring to Hulda Clark, the Tijuana based quack cancer non-doctor who had her clinic closed down this month.

    CBC News One - Toronto
    Feb. 21, 2001 - 8:30 a.m.

    The Total Health Conference has invited a man the Canadian Jewish Conference says is a well-known anti-Semite to speak at a conference later this month.

    Libby Gardon of the Consumer Health Organization of Canada which organizes the conference says she's known the author Eustace Mullins for years and he is not an anti-Semite, at least not to her knowldge.

    The Canadian Jewish Congress says Mullins has written books denying the Holocaust, praising Nazis, and alleging a Jewish conspiracy.

    Gardon says she need proof of those allegations.

    She said, "I've known him for a long time. I've heard him speak on many occasions in the United States. Why someone from the Canadian Jewish Congress in Canada would have any objection to him speaking in Canada - for any reason, I have no idea!"

    Gardon says if proof is provided, her organization she would reconsider the invitation.

    Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress says he has formally asked the group to cancel Mullins because of his history.

    He said," He's probably one of the most viscious and most vitriolic anti-Semites on the Continent. He's been around since the mid 40s. He has written tracts that would make your blood curdle."

    Farber says if there is no cancellation he wil approach immigration officials to try to keep Mullins out of Canada.

    More from the CBC's own web site

    The conference will be held at the Metro Convention Centre next month.

    CFRB 1010 Radio News
    Feb 21, 2001 - 6:00 p.m.

    The Consumer Health Organanization Canada has invited Eustace Mullins to speak at the Total Health Conference. He apparently is considered an expert on how monopolies effect daily life, according to the organization.

    But, the Canadian Jewish Congress syas he is something else, an anti-Semitic author who denies the Holocaust and praises the Nazis.

    Conference organizer Libby Gardon isn't ready to withdrawl the invitation.

    Libby Gardon said:

    • Don't we have rights?
    • I mean I thought we lived in a democracy
    • I mean don't we have rights?
    • I mean isn't there freedom of speech in this country?
    The Canadian Jewish Congress says it is considering asking Ottawa to bar Mullins from entering the country.

    Links for your social, religious and medical conscience.

    Comments by Terry Polevoy

    It's absolutely incredible that Libby Gardon did not know, or won't admit to knowing about the history of Eustace Mullins. She's known him for 15 years. My guess is that she has been so busy filling the Health Expos over the years with medical quacks, conspiracy nuts, and alien abductees that she simply missed a few Neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic hate mongers.

    And, don't forget she sells his book on her web site. How could she not know?

    Over the years she has rolled out the red carpet, not just in Toronto, for the likes of Len Horowitz, a Messianic Jewish dentist who believes in an international conspiracy to depopulate by the world by drug cartels, politicians and evil people in general. She's invited proponents of chemtrails, flying saucers, and pyramid power to speak to the masses. The Total Health Expo has become a real freak show. No matter what she does, no matter who she and her partners invite to the Expo, someone makes a buck.

    The Metro Convention Centre is bulging at the seams when her shows come to town. The sound of cold hard cash and credit card machines echo down its halls year after year. Do the quack cancer vendors who come from Tijuana, Mexico, the shores of California or the mountains of Idaho pay Canadian Customs, Federal GST, or Provincial sales tax when Canadian residents pay for their book and magic crystal or pyramid sales? Hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands between unlicensed live-cell microscopists, colloidal mineral vendors and pyramind pushers. Some of them don't even give receipts. They just fold the bills into their money bags and go back home, the government is none the wiser.

    Now, Libby has a bright idea. Why not have invite a Rockefeller conspiracy nut up from Staunton, Virginia. Hell, so what if he is well-known Nazi sympathizer? It's a "FREE COUNTRY".

    My oh my, aren't "we" sensitive here. She runs a 270-ring circus where dozens of artisans of pseudo-natural medicine, dentistry, chiropractic and conspiracy mongers operate under the guise of a "health expo", and she tells us that her rights are infringed upon.

    Last year, pumped up by the likes of Tim Bolen, arch publicist for not-doctor Hulda Clark, the convention centre buzzed with rumours that the forces of the quackpots international would attack or threaten their reigning Fluke Queen. It never happened folks.

    So, what will be the call to action for Libby and her court of co-conspiracy loonies this year? Remember Krystalnacht?

    Will Eustace and Libby join hands in front of a burning cross, or will they call in the blackshirts to blockade the lecture halls from imagined threats from the Jewish Defense League?

    Her Consumer Health Organization are vendors for many questionable people. They sell their books and tapes. They arrange meetings in public arenas full of people who are basically frauds, professionally disenfranchised, or de-licensed, or unlicense quackpots on a grand scale. The Total Health Expos are one of the world's largest arenas for the spread of not only health misinformation, they have sucked people into the world of dangerous practices, cancer clinics in Mexico, and supplements that claim to cure chronic diseases, epidemics of E. coli, and more.

    It's one thing to allow idiots to preach to idiots, but to allow people with the reputation and history of Eustace Mullins onto their stage is an endictment of the current state of affairs in this country. Does Consumer Health Organization, their executives, and donors have a hidden agenda?

    Along with the Canadian Jewish Congress, we demand that Libby Gardon, and her associates at the CHO of Canada to tell Mullins to stay home in Virginia. We also want our government, including the RCMP, Canada Customs and Revenue, and Immigration to investigate this before the event is held on March 17-18.

    Please forward this to anyone you know who can help expose this speaker's real agenda.

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