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BioChoice Immune 26

Mark Yarnell is at it again. I've been spammed almost daily with many promotions for a product called BioChoice Immune 26. I was so curious a few months ago that I even called into their weekly phone conference to hear his evangelistic voice call the greedy flock of followers to prayer. There are hundreds of web sites that are hawking this stuff. Some of them are with a MLM group called Legacy for Life. Others are independent.

They are all spamming with outrageous messages. The one I got today read something like "Earn $100k per month". Yes, per month!!!

What's really bad is that Channel-12 an ABC News affiliate in Flint, Michigan has fallen into this trap. They have even allowed it's Health First ABC logo to be displayed on this page. It says "with permission".

The ABC affiliate aired what amounted to little more than a 2-3 minute infomercial for the stuff. I have never seen such miserable reporting in my life from any ABC affiliate. Timothy Johnson where are you? Where is Michael Moore when you need him to bang a few heads in the media in Flint?

If anyone knows the TV folks in Flint, I think that they need to hear complaints about the show that is being broadcast on-demand around the world on the internet. Taryn Asher, the local reporter, has her face plastered on the Immune 26 boosting site.

Who wrote the script for the show? Why is it that the studio crew just looked on and agreed with everything she said. Not one eyelash was batted, not one breath was taken. It was all scripted. It was all hyped.

Amazing stuff though, Immune 26 helped a man with Gulf War Syndrome, a child who was in a vegetative state, and a mother who had diabetes. Isn't it interesting that these people were all in the same family? Well, it must be a conspiracy of wellness folks. They said it worked therefore it must work for all people, with all sorts of problems, and get this, it works like a bowl of eggs. Wow, this is really rocket science.

I think that Taryn Asher must have been in a vegetative state when she did this piece. ABC management in New York should really consider speaking with the people in Flint about the quality of their news reports.

Please follow the links to the testimonial given by Greg Forstall, MD who is an infectious disease specialist at Flint's McLaren Hospital. He was the doctor who was featured on this broadcast.

"This product is miraculous! I provided long-term sufferers of Gulf War Syndrome with BioChoice Immune 26. Within 48 hours, they experienced dramatic responses in their energy levels, joints, and thought processes. I am also using it with other patients that need immune support and am very impressed with the results." Dr. Greg Forstall's name, and the testimonial above now appears on hundreds of web sites that hawk BioChoice Immune 26. I have not seen their actual literature myself, but I think you can safely assume that the quote is used by thousands of their flock to sell the stuff.

Look at all the other MDs who give their testimonials

It's really unfortunate for those of us who continue to be spammed directly by these folks. It is even more unfortunate for ABC News, and the physicians who allow their testimonies to be used by these people.

I would like to see if ABC News in New York would do a followup on this, and go back to the doctor in Flint to get his opinion. And, while they are at it, ask him if there is any connection between any of the BioChoice people, and anyone who was interviewed by Channel 12.

In Canada, it is illegal for a medical doctor to give a personal testimonial about a particular product, especially one as unproved as this. In Canada, American doctors come up here to sell Canadians all sorts of bogus products. If they were licensed here, they would certainly have been sanctioned.

Will the FDA step in to evaluate the claims made by BioChoice Immune 26, and will the FTC step in to stop the spamming and MLM marketing of this stuff before thousands of others are lured into the belief that this product can alleviate their serious medical conditions.

The FTC held a press conference on February 12, 2002 on the subject of deceptive spamming.

Health Canada must take a stand and work with the FTC, and the FDA to expose the bogus claims made by products that promise miracles, that are promoted by medical doctors on the internet.

If a product is sold in the U.S., it must prove its claims. If it doesn't prove itself, it should not be allowed to be shipped internationally. When it comes to the hype and promotion of the BioChoice Immune 26, we at HealthWatcher.net want to alert to those of you who are bombarded with wild and unsubstantiated claims made by this or any other product.

Please let us know if you have had any dealings with these people, and complain to the FTC if you can, especially if you have received unsolicited spams from any company

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